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Our Story, Motivation and Future



We are an young and a highly motivated team of professionals aiming at delivering growth for Bulgarian small size argricultural manufactures, adding value for our customers, optimizing the supply chain, reducing inventory and cost, constantly increasing the quality.


Our vision is that everyone is responsible for creating a high production and highly competitive environment for the Bulgarian agricultural producers, creating profession business relations with them, so that every time there is a win-win deal. We strongly believe at the fact that experience and knowledge have to be shared achieving a high level of synergy between partners. We see the progress path to be walked with the help of modern engineering, technology and the use of modern agricultural machinery.


Our mission is to fill the gap between the high demand of fresh fruits and vegetables in Europe and the low supply. We stimulite bulgarian agricultural producers by giving them the best possible export price, maximizing their profit, helping them sell their high-quality fruits and vegetables on high-income markets.


● Respect for People
● Reliability
● Transparency
● Integrity

Our Team

Georgi Plamenov

Georgi Plamenov

Sales and Procurement Representative

As a Sales and Procurement force, Georgi is constantly looking to expand our network of suppliers and customers.
He is strongly goal oriented always looking to close a Win/Win deal, satisfying the both parties – buyer and seller. Due to his ability to speak 3 foreign languages – German, English and Russian besides his native Bulgarian, he is the main driver of our company’s growth.

Georgi has previously worked for big international companies in FMCG sector in the Supply Chain and Sales deparments showing strong inter-personal motivation and reliability. On his current position he is responsible for exploring new markets and opportunities, growing the company’s business and maintaning excellent business relations with the current business partnerts.


Jovko Marev

Jovko Marev

Procurement Specialist and Warehouse Supervisor

As a Procurement Specialist, Jovko is the first point of contact for our suppliers. His main goal is to supply high quality production at the best possible price, deals satifying both parties at the same time. He keeps all market trends under the loop. As a warehouse supervisor he looks after the appropriate storage of the production, ensuring enough space for each inbound and outbound delivery and utilizes capacity according to the goods turnover. Jovko speaks English, German and Bulgarian.

Jovko has over 5 years of experience in the agricultural sector and has personally outperformed each step from production through storage to transport and delivery of agricultural goods.